Sierra Leone: Building national civil and voter registers using biometrics

In Sierra Leone, Smartmatic worked alongside the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to create a comprehensive database with information from all of its citizens.

By gathering biometric and biographic data of the entire population using an identity management solution fully customized to the specific needs of Sierra Leone, authorities were able to create a new National Civil Register and a Voter Register to be used during the March 2018 elections.

Smartmatic provided the 3,800 registration kits that were configured by locally hired and trained technicians under the supervision of Smartmatic personnel.

Each registration kit was coupled with a power kit, which included solar panels to allow officials to reach the most remote rural areas of the country where power is scarce.

To guarantee the success of the registration effort, Smartmatic trained 660 trainers who in turn prepared the other 10,500 operators who ran 2,600 registration sites.